قَوِيّ \ athletic: strong and active: He has an athletic figure. durable: able to last a long time: Those shoes are durable; they won’t wear out for a long time. forceful: full of force: a forceful description. husky: (of men) big and strong. keen: (of the senses) sharp: keen hearing; a keen sense of smell, (of the feelings) strong a keen interest in sport. mighty: powerful: a mighty effort. powerful: having strength or force: a powerful blow; a powerful engine, exercising strong control a powerful ruler. solid: firm; heavy and strong: solid furniture. steady: firm; not shaking: not in danger of falling: Your cup won’t stay steady on your knee. stout: strong and dependable: a stout pair of shoes. strong: not easily damaged: strong paper; strong shoes. powerful: a strong man; a strong wind. sturdy: strong: a sturdy little horse; sturdy furniture. tough, strong: not easily tired or hurt: a tough soldier. vigorous: strong; forceful: a vigorous swimmer. vivid: (of a memory, a description, a flash of light, etc.) bright and clear. \ See Also متين (مَتِين)، ضخم (ضَخْم)، شديد الاِحْتِمال، فعال (فَعَّال)، حاد (حَادّ)، ثابت (ثابِت)‏

Arabic-English glossary. 2015.

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